Atlantic Professionals is highly experienced in the installation of security systems.  Keeping your employees, company grounds and assets safe and secure is a big job these days.  Have you considered installing a closed circuit camera system to enhance safety or witness suspicious activity?  

A Closed Circuit Television Camera Solution (CCTV) is ideal for all businesses, including gas stations and convenience stores alike. Security cameras can help deter and prevent theft, vandalism and other various losses.  Our customers buy security cameras for several different reasons:  employee safety, lower insurance premiums, internal/external theft and employee productivity.  Security cameras come in all shapes, sizes and capabilities. They can be mounted in plain sight or concealed to catch even the most clever individuals.  

Atlantic Professionals will conduct a site survey to identify target areas for camera locations, share our experiences and provide insight to design and install a system that fits your needs.  By selecting advanced features such as Pan, Tilt, Zoom (PTZ), you can focus on suspicious activies whether you are at your location or away.